Bill of Materials Question

I know the bill of materials must include the prices for all non KOP parts. When looking through the bill of materials template provided by FIRST I noticed there is a column for the weight of each individual part. Is it a requirement to include the weight of each part?

Thanks for the help.

The weight is not a required field. FIRST puts it there as one way to assist teams in managing weight during build.

No, the weight column is there to help you keep track of the weight of your robot during build season. There is no reporting requirement for weight on the BOM in the rules that I know of.

The person who first suggested using a spreadsheet to track parts included columns for weight and price and made it available to First and teams. You are not required to use that template but your inspectors will be happy when they see it. But please make the BOM out before your regional event and have a printed copy before you walk in the door. Bring several copies and hand them to different people in the pit. Many teams are waiting for that inspection sticker to play and the only thing holding them up is the BOM.