Bill of Materials

Does anyone know where to get this template we have to turn into the judges?

You can download it here:

Does anyone know where I can find the Bill of Materials spreadsheet?

Ok we know that it’s, here —>
but where???

Thanks in advance.

Am I missing where to look?


For some reason, FIRST/I pulled the game, robot portions of the manual off the website…

Thanks for responding, I will see what I can find out.

I seem to recall that it took a while for them to post it last year, like around the last week of build season?..but you can download last year’s template if you want to get started. Don’t expect it to be the same this year.

Thanks, and no worries, I never expect anything to be the same with FIRST. :slight_smile:

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Ok, if we are using a camera, but it is from the 2010 KOP (because we did not get one this year), how do we list it? Is it still entered as $0.00?

See the blue box under <R18>

All KOP items used on the ROBOT must be included in the BOM. The source for each of the KOP items should be listed as “KOP” and the indicated cost should be listed as “$0.00.”

It does not appear to make any difference which year KOP it came from, for accounting purposes. It’s $0.00

Thats what we thought! Thanks.