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So I am apart of a young team and I was wondering a few things about the BOM. So does the KOP we got from First need to go onto the BOM, and does it count towards the 5000$ budget? Another thing we were wondering is whether or not items from First Choice were added to the BOM, and again counted towards the total of 5000$?

I suggest you take a close look at section 9.4 of the rules manual. All your answers will be there.

Then, I suggest you re-read the entire manual a few times. If you missed that stuff, there’s probably other important rules/restrictions that you missed. It’s much better to catch them now than when you show up to competition and find your robot is illegal.

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Both of your questions are answered pretty directly in the game manual. The specific rules are R11 and R13 (read the blue boxes as well). R11 says

The total cost of all items on the ROBOT, including software, shall not exceed $5000 USD. All costs
are to be determined as explained in Budget Constraints & Fabrication Schedule. Exceptions
as follows:
A. individual items that are less than $5 USD each, as purchasable from a VENDOR,
B. items from the team’s current year’s KOP (identical functional replacements may be used
to meet this criteria), up to the KOP quantity (including the rookie KOP items)

So you can account for any items you bought from the kit and FIRST Choice as $0 on your BOM.

As an aside, I suggest you read the manual again. I’m not trying to be snarky; there are lot of rules in the manual, and many of them are important. If you missed this rule, you might have missed another.

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Oh, I did find the rule about what items need to be on the BOM, and which do not. Look at I6, which is in the INSPECTION rules section 10

I6. Document your costs. A Bill of Materials (BOM), listing all items on the ROBOT except those listed in R11 and their relevant costs per Budget Constraints & Fabrication Schedule, must be presented at the time of Inspection.

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