Billfred's All-American Election Challenge!

Alright, ladies and gents, we’ve had a lot of political hullabaloo on these boards. So, let’s at least make it interesting while we’re doing it.

How, the freshmen ask?

Simple! A competition!

The idea is simple. Given the fifty-one states and districts (have to show some love to DC, after all) that cast electoral votes, pick who will win each state/district.

And just for a little challenge, we’ll set the deadline for October 2, exactly one month before Election Day. (And that, coincidentally, is the deadline to register in South Carolina–don’t let your date pass!)

So, the rules:

  1. You must pick all of the states in one entry.
  2. Post your entries here, or PM me with your entry and I’ll post it anonymously. (This doesn’t hurt your chances of winning, although it does hurt your chances of bragging.)
  3. The winner will be determined by the user who makes the most correct picks.
  4. Along with your picks, post your prediction for what percentage of the popular vote George W. Bush will receive. This is the tiebreaker. (If you’re wondering why Bush…well, I flipped a coin.) If there’s still a tie, we’ll go with the earlier post.
  5. ANY POLITICAL TALK IN THIS TOPIC WILL DISQUALIFY YOU, and make me a sad person. Let’s keep this fun.

The prizes? Something better than a kick in the shin. Exactly what is to be determined.

This is gonna be interesting. (Not to mention a world easier to judge than the caption contests.) Get going!