Bill's Blog, 5/11/11 "Wait, Did he say pool"

New Bill’s Blog, interesting stuff.

Interesting read for sure. This could be interesting! :slight_smile:

I like the idea of changing the times or something. Something new would be fun :slight_smile:

A “pool of ideas”… “certain items under certain conditions”… “playing around with the field configuration”… just starting to work on contracts with venues…

Sorry, Bill is baiting us, and someone had to say it.

Every year a water game is speculated but it really would be AWESOME.

I’ve been thinking about a hockey-based game… maybe a frozen pool? :cool:

The mention of field configuration and game length seems interesting in possibilities for next year.

For all those that werent happy with the spacing at CMP this year, and the fact that we will still be in St. Louis for a couple more years at least…imagine a smaller, different playing field? Now, all of the fields will fit in the dome.:ahh:

Where do the St. Louis Blue’s play?

I like the mention of field configuration and game length. A slighly longer game, hopefully without an obtainable maximum score, would be pretty cool. As long as a fully charged battery lasts, I see no reason not to extend the game length a little. I also wonder about field configuration. It seems like crowding has been a problem in the past, I wouldn’t mind seeing a slighly bigger field (I don’t know how this impacts moving fields from place to place, cost of events, time to set up etc., but a biiger field would certainly be interesting).

Someone please explain to me again what the rush is with next year’s game?

I’m sure I’m missing something.


smaller fields means more of them could fit in the same fixed amount of space at championships. a fix for the problem of cmp capacity perhaps?

They want to finish the 2012 game early so they can start on the 2013 game.

Its called withdrawals already from the 2011 season.
Some of us like torture all year round, missing out on family time, hanging out with friends, taking a break, etc.:slight_smile:

As far as I know, the plan is to finish the game sooner so they have more time to go through the rules and test fields, hopefully alleviating some of the issues/confusion in the rules and ironing out some technical difficulties the 1st week competitions usually experience.

I don’t think its necessarily to start on the next game, but so that they can test the games as much as possible, so there wouldn’t be the many issues in Week 1 as there were this year, like what happened with minibot towers.

I think I’m going to attach a seat belt to my chair so that when I read CD and Bill’s Blog - I am prepared for the bumpy ride ahead rather than flying all over the place like I have been this past few months.

I should write: ‘continual drastic change is good’ on a yellow post-it note and stick it to my forehead while I’m at it.


I could definitely envision both fields and robots getting smaller. Generally speaking, smaller=cheaper (except in the case of Tetrix motors). Cheaper shipping, easier expansion to smaller venues, etc…


I’m desperately hoping that next year’s game piece is a rugby ball, hence combining the two best sports on the planet.
The game would of course have to be played without pads (bumpers).

It is more important to note that there is a deadline on ordering additional medals and other items. Please check the dates so you don’t miss out.

“Rugby Ball” is definitely a weird way to spell “Hockey Puck.” :wink:

Robots already have agility on carpet that closely approaches that of skaters on ice. (NO MORE REGOLITH PLEASE!) Some vintage FIRST mobile goals and we’re all set.

I hope FRC robots stay “big”, it plays a big part in what makes them so impressive. We know that a championship winning Vex robot (or FLL robot) is a heck of a lot more impressive from an engineering point of view than an average FRC robot. However, I think it is a lot harder to prove that to Joe Schmoe who just came in off the street.