Bill's Blog on Facebook!

Bill’s Blog has had a page on Facebook for a while now but from the number of “likes” it doesn’t appear that a lot of people know about it. So here it is :smiley:

I certainly didn’t know about it. Thanks for the link!

He’s also on Twitter:

Could the Halloween picture be Red Herring #2. Maybe he has been posting hints on his Facebook page and nobody has noticed.

Just an FTCers opinion

Game hints can’t be far away! I wonder if he’ll post them on Facebook? :eek:

maybe they would get posted there additionally, but i certainly hope thats not the only place they are posted, if it is, people who refuse to believe in facebook (like me) will never get to see them

I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about it. Students need to focus on the next few days in school and concentrate on studies, completing papers, and doing well on upcoming exams. They do not need to spend time chasing imagined red herrings all over the Internet. When it’s time for an official game hint, it will made available for all of the teams. If red herrings abound, then people are not being wise - or using their time wisely. Try not to worry too much about that. There are better fish to fry.


Like tuna, trout, tilapia, catfish…:smiley:

I agree with Jane–I’ve got 5 tests (3 finals), 1 lab exam, 2 projects (1 replaced a final exam), 2 sets of homework, and a presentation due in the next two weeks, plus an Aero Design fundraiser and a build day for the same, plus packing for the trip home in the same timeframe. If the game hint was held off until January 7th, I wouldn’t mind in the least.

And yes, I am working on some of that homework right around now… gets back to calculating impact loadings