Bill's Blog Subsection and tag?

It’s becoming more clear that Bill’s Blog is being used as another official channel of communication to FIRST teams (which is stupid, but whatever) and each of his blog posts generates discussion.

Can there be a forum dedicated to these posts? Unfortunately, this would require folks to place threads about such posts into the correct forum AND give them appropriately clear titles, but maybe something is better than nothing?

I feel your pain, and agree 100%. How many websites must we look at to find out what is happening with FIRST?

Bill’s Blog has a RSS feed ( I believe, but google redirects me to it’s page everytime I try to access it). What I think would solve some problems (and at the same time make Brandon’s job ever so harder) is to have CD rip the feed and automatically start a new thread whenever a post is made.

One: Chief Delphi, where everyone will post everything you need to know for you! :smiley:

I think this would only make sense for discussion. I like Bill’s Blog, and there’s a thread every week…

I subscribe to Bill’s Blog with my Google Reader. I also subscribe to feeds from the FRC forums, CD forums, VEX forums and NI FIRST forums.
With the rapid developments in blogs and updates, I would imagine my subscription list for FIRST will continue to grow.

I can look at one page (google reader) and get all the information without browsing around too much.

I can’t wait until Dean Kamen or Dave Lavery start their own blog !