[Bill's Blog] - We continue full speed ahead

Can’t wait to see how the 2012 season will go with the optimism Bill is reporting


Good Afternoon Teams,

The GDC took a break this weekend (after meeting two weekends in a row), but work on the 2012 game continues. The Engineering team has been busy prototyping the game elements and a full sized field is ready and waiting on the first floor for when the GDC returns in June. (No. You can’t see it. We’re in lockdown until January 7th.) During our next meeting, we’ll use the elements to “play” the game again and again (using patient GDC members as robots) to establish the rules. We still need to develop the end game, and there’s the scoring to work out and the manual to write, but I’m cautiously optimistic that 2012 is going to be a very exciting season.

Upstairs we’re talking about Bag & Tag; what worked, what didn’t and how to expand the number of Bag & Tag events for 2012. This summer the staff is going to work on streamlining load in, improving load out, and beefing up communications to teams that need to ship to Bag & Tag events. If you’ve never been to a Bag & Tag event, you might want to read up on it this summer.

If you’ve ever considered hosting your own off season event (lots of fun, great practice for your drive team and a potential fundraiser) you’re going to want to check out How to Host an Off-Season FRC Event by Andy Baker & Chris Fultz.

Kate and Collin send their thanks to everyone who completed the KOP survey and tell me they’re reviewing the responses now.

The 2011 Season team survey link was blasted to your team main and alternate contacts last Thursday. As of today there are only 118 responses. I asked a lot of questions about the future of FRC so make sure your team participates before the Sunday, June 5th deadline.

The responses to the 2011 Championship survey tell me we need to increase seating for the fields in the pits, improve communication to teams about special events, and tweak the schedule to reduce conflicts. (And trash cans, I won’t forget about the trash cans.) I appreciate the constructive feedback (and have made note of several good ideas) and will share your comments with the other departments involved in the planning and execution of the 2012 Championship. With everything we learned about holding an event in St Louis this year, I have every expectation next year’s event will be even bigger and better.

If you’ve ever heard Science Friday hosted by Ira Flatow, you’ll be interested to know he’s asked Dean for a couple of inventive “kids” (up to 24 years old) who have invented something interesting to highlight in an upcoming show. If you know of anyone in FRC who meets those qualifications, send me an email ASAP at [email protected] and I’ll pass your recommendations on.

You probably know by now that Brandeis is conducting a survey of FRC and FTC teams for FIRST. At this moment only 175 FRC team leaders have replied from the 380 teams who were selected to participate and only 450 team members have completed the survey. We were hoping for a whole lot more involvement. If you are a team that was invited to participate, or if you know a team that was invited to participate, please encourage everyone to complete the process. In addition to giving us feedback about the program, the Brandeis survey will help us attract more sponsors and donors in the future.

227 days until the 2012 kickoff
See you then!