Bills Posting about Rookie vs Vet Kits

Anyone notice Bill’s latest post about the Rookie vs. Vet kits didn’t mention the c-Rio at all?

Look in the picture. It’s in alphabetical order and the cRIO is called a “Mobile Device Controller”

This year’s kit is going to be empty box.

A clue to the game? Wait, but if the kit is an empty box, that means we already know what the game is by the time we get the kit. But what if the game really isn’t the game, and the empty kit is a hint to the real game, which teams have to discover for themselves?! How will we understand the real game and build a functional robot for said game within 6 weeks?!?!?

Yeah…we’re going to kickoff…but it would appear most of the Vet team kits could be shipped using those “if it fits it ships” USPS boxes for $14. The exceptions being the kit frame many of us don’t use and a battery. Oh, to be a rookie kit recipient again!

We find the kitbot is absolutely essential for prototyping our drivetrain and other mechanisms. It also lets us get a representative drivetrain on the floor within a couple days to start drive team practice and programming autonomous paths.

This year, we used it to prototype our kicker, our ball grabber, and used it to experiment with modifying the location of the CG of our robot and changing chassis heights.

I’d certainly hate to see it go - you certainly wouldn’t get a slick modular system that you can bolt up in a hurry any cheaper anywhere else.

From the Posting:

The variations between the 2011 Rookie and Veteran Kits of Parts are listed below. (Please note, not every item in the Kit of Parts is listed here, just the items veteran teams may need to reuse for the 2011 season.)

The listing is only for items in the rookie kit and not in the veteran kit. There could be another 200 new / replacement items that both groups get, but we won’t know until January 8.

opps…I knew they probably wouldn’t change the controller…must have skimmed over it when I reviewed it.