Bimba order cutoff date

I can’t seem to find the Bimba order date cutoff for the 3 free cylinders. We are working hard on getting the correct stroke and bore length and want to make sure we don’t miss out and have to pay for cylinders.


It’s open at least through the 6 weeks of build.

i remember last year the cut off for bimba was well after the 6 weeks of build it seems as though it was good untill the last regional

2 question for those who ordered and received Bimba cylinders this season:

  1. How long did it takes for them to arrive after your order was placed? We’re about 900 miles from Bimba and didn’t pay for express shipping.

  2. Do they come with pivot mount brackets or rod clevises?

We got ours in less than a week all the way to HI.

We got ours here in Vegas in about 2-3 days. Brackets and all. You’ll be all set, just do their default shipping.

We ordered ours 1/28. The tracking page is down so I asked for an order status update, and was told that they are scheduled to ship 2/15. The Customer Service Rep stated: “… at this point these are the best dates you will receive.
We had a delay because of our weather and we fell behind. . .”

If you need them before ship day, you may want to try calling Bimba to ask if there are particular styles or sizes that can be made faster. Last year we were able to get some turned more quickly if we excluded the magnet.

I hope everything turns out in your favor bachster, the weather isnt helping many teams. I suggest anyone having problems ask a few teams around them if they have any pistons “lendable” or “givable” to the specifications or close. You could always give them the new piston of that type as a thank-you to them while you use the old one as long as the old one works.

I don’t know many teams who don’t like a new piston :slight_smile: