BIMBA pistons at the Championship


Will there be someplace to buy or get BIMBA pistons at the Championship?

The rod of the piston that actuates our grip has become bent during the regional, and we don’t have another one here.

Im talking about a 3/4" bore size and 2.5" rod length piston.


Your best bet will be to go to and find the distributor nearest to you. I wouldn’t count on finding one in Atlanta.

we had a 3/4" bore bimba rod get bent in a qual match in Davis, I was able to bend it straight by hand. It was not bent far, just enough to bind up. I turned the rod around to see which way it was bent, then set it next to the edge of a piece of paper to see where exactly the bend was…then I carefully bent it back a little at a time with hand pressure. It worked fine after a few tries bending it (sneak up on it, don’t try to do it all at once). If the rod is bent at a noticeable angle you might not be able to fix it this way.

FluidPower South is the distributor in Atlanta.

If they have what you want, and you can pay for it in advance with a credit card, please PM me and we can make arrangements to make sure it gets to the dome for Thursday morning. They are not real close to the dome, but they are near my office and I will be at the dome Thursday morning.