Bimba Pneumatic cylinders voucher

My team filled out and submitted the voucher for the two free pneumatic cylinders from Bimba. We have not received any sort of contact from the company so I went to Take a look at the voucher and it says it expired in April of 2018. Could this be a typo or did we get an expired voucher in our kop?

Based on past years, expect the Bimba voucher to take a little while to be filled. Last year I had forgotten about it completely until a mysterious box showed up. It wasn’t until I opened it that I realized what it was!


I try to remember to use the Bimba voucher each year, but the long lead typically makes it tough to count on aside from ordering spares for the robot.

When we need something fast, I always order from Automation Direct. Any order over $49 ships with free 2-day shipping, and prices are pretty reasonable. Plus they give a $35 voucher to teams.

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Lol we were the same way!

Finally today (April 1st) our bimba shipment arrived only 5 days short of 3 months from order date (January 6th). But none the less we got two huge pistons for free so we thank bimba!

We bat about 75% for actually receiving our voucher order from Bimba. When we do receive it, it’s always well past the end of the season.

It is still nice to get two good cylinders for future robots.