Bin Model Needed! Please Help!

Hey all, how are ya?

Ive run into a little bit of a problem. My computer crashed. Yeah, thats never any fun. But im throwing together an animation of the field for some people who im meeting at nationals, and ive realized one thing.

I can’t find my bin model. I know i found it on CDi, and i really appreciate it. However, i can’ find the thread anymore.

So, here’s my question, if someone could send me a bin model, or a link to one, i would greatly appreciate it, and give credit (in the animation) to the team/person/whatever who hooked me up.

Thanks all!

[email protected]

sure, I’ll send you our model. I dunno if it’s materialed correctly though.

umm…what’s the amount of space you have on your e-mail account? B/c I modeled in rhino, the model has lots of polygons, can I send you a 4.5 meg file, or is that too big?