Binary in Rose is Rose

I noticed today that in the comic Rose is Rose they had a strip about the mars rover and it says somethin in binary. Me not being the programming time, have know clue what it means? Does anybody out there able to decipher it or is it just gibberish createred by the cartoonist? :confused:

You can encode/decode binary and hex.

I’ve found it quite useful for talking in secret! :stuck_out_tongue:

…for the lazy :wink:

I’m not sure if it says anything.

I get “qmbéÒu?G6” When i decode it…

I got the same. Is this martian speak or something. LOL

This is what my personal computer guru said when I asked him what it said: “It probably doesn’t say anything, but if it does, I’d have to know what encoding they are using.”

Logically, since the kid says “You’re welcome.” it is most likely supposed to be saying “Thanks!”


it always pays to have your own personal computer guru

Actually… they look like EXIF headers :smiley: (no they don’t!)

Yay, martian talk!


Apparently, it holds the copyright to something…