Bins, Boxes, Containers?


Now, not that this really matters, but what should we call the ‘containers’?

I know that in the manuals they call them containers. However, since we are so used to saying ‘balls’ should the name have a ‘b’ like bin or box. I’m sorry, but i just don’t think i can rattle off my toung ‘container’ like i can box or bin.

SO… vote! Whatever term is the most popular, is the one that i will be using in all the scouting stuff that i will be creating for the first community. :slight_smile:


PS: You know, we don’t have to say container just becasue that is what is in the book. :slight_smile:

PPS: Do YOU call them something else?

Tubs or Totes.

I happen to have 4 of these in the garage (and another 4 coming from Walmart- on sale now for $3.44!!). We have always called them storage tubs.

I would guess there will be quite a number of FIRST families buying coordingated storage containers this coming week…

I think box since they will be rivited shut

I would say “bin,” myself.

bin all the way. it’s the shortest and easiest to say.

I say box, if only because it uses the letter X. (It’s such an underappreciated letter…)

We asked the same question earlier today… the common concensus is to call it a “Tub” or a “Bin”. Box or container just doesn’t work for us. If you notice FIRST uses “containers” in all their documents.

I’ll call them bins.

I think “bin” is the easiest to say. Container is just too long.

I noticed that by the end of the night, many on our team were calling them balls. To many years of balls…

Otherwise, box has been the most used.

-Andy A.

Tubs!!! :slight_smile:

CAN: So when you win you can say… “we kicked their CAN”. LOL

Bins all the way. Long live bins.


Go box! If you use bin, it could be confused with ‘pin’ or could seem to be short for ‘binary.’ I guess box could be confused for ‘bots’…but ehh… Bin, in my opinion, is like a barrel without a top. Then again, that’s coming from my mind…so who knows :stuck_out_tongue:


Totes For Eva!!!


How about polyethylene contoured extruded cubical storage devices???

*Originally posted by Noah *
**I say box, if only because it uses the letter X. (It’s such an underappreciated letter…) **

A couple weeks ago there was a community college person at our site and she wrote on the board Zerox. At least she got the last x right.

call them bins. thats what they are

How about Sterlite model #1730 73 quart Glacier Blue storage bins. Or we could just call them bins, but it would be funny to hear annoucer read off the first one.