Biohazard 4050 tennis ball shooter

Preseason build project for Biohazard team 4050. A tennis ball shooter that mounts to the base frame from the 2013 robot. Pictures, a PDF drawing, and CAD (Creo Parametric) files can be found at the following link -

Pretty cool. And you can mount it to a drivebase? I need one of these to take with me to the court.

That looks really nice. Now all we need is one of those tennis racket robots from last year…
In all seriousness, looks like a really fun project! If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the speed reduction on the CIM? How much range are you getting?

That looks eerily similar to a tennis ball shooter I made with a few teammates for a physics project last year. We had an elbow PVC pipe, orange BB wheel, wood frame, and a Mini-CIM driving it just like you guys!

How far does it shoot? We originally had a mini-CIM direct driving an orange 2-7/8’’ BB wheel, but found it to only hit about 7 m after playing around with compression.