Biped system

The biped system on 3ds MAX is simple enough, but how can you create the illusion that it is a human and not a skeleton (or something that resembles one)? And does anyone here no how to integrate Poser with 3ds MAX?

I’m no expert on character studio, but from what I understand, you need to actually have a model of a person in your scene. Then you put the biped skeleton inside it and use the physique modifier. This is similar to the non-CS method of using bones and the skin modifier, which is all that I have used for character animation.

I think I also remember reading that it is possible to use the skin modifier instead of physique with a biped, but I’m not sure.

Of course, when you render you want to hide the biped skeleton.

I see! Sort of like the IK Tool? Hmmmm… sigh I guess I’ll have to put in the extra effort…