Birthdays occuring during this years Championship?

Just wondering who is celebrating birthdays during the championship. Mine is Friday April 18th.


When is Grady’s? His is around this time of year, and sometimes falls during the Championship event.
(Edit: His is on Thursday!)

CD users Birthdays that are listed on the forums here:






Looks like quite a few folks!

Where are the pies? :slight_smile:

My mom’s birthday is not really “during” Championship, BUT… hers is on April 15… LOVE YO LOTS MOM!!!

Mine’s Thursday the 17th… I’ll finally be 18!!! :yikes:

The walmart super center next to Atlanta underground

and im sure elgin’s team can get us some discounts…

Mine will be the Friday the 18th as well. I’ll be turning 21.

Nice! Well, all of us birthday-ers will have to find a way to celebrate! :smiley:

Mine is the 16th, WEdneday

Sadly, I can’t come, so I can’t join in the festivities :frowning:

Mine too!

Yeah my moms birthday is the 15th as well. Thats when we are leaving.

I believe it will also be Madison Krass’s birthday, she is a terrific mentor from the X-bots from Seattle…
Team 488…

Make sure and come by the pit and give her a great birthday greeting!!!

Rick Price, senior at Western High School and a member of team #292, has a birthday on Friday April 18, 2008.