Bit of a problem with some RAM...

Alrighty, so I’ve got the spiffy new SolidWorks on my computer for the summer school deal they’re putting on, and I decided that one gig of RAM for my Vista-run laptop just isn’t cutting it. I looked around, and went to Fry’s today and purchased two sticks of two gig DDR2 soDIMM RAM. *.

Anyhow, onto my problem…I shut down my computer, uninstalled the old RAM, and plugged in the two new sticks. Turned my computer over, opened her up, pressed the power button. Power lights came on, hard-drive and etc started chugging, but nothing came onto the screen. After a few seconds all of the noises stopped, the processing light ceased blinking, and it just sat there.

After pulling them out, replacing them, etc, it still never booted. I replaced the old RAM and it booted just fine. My question to the great minds on this forum is what is the problem, and if I can, how can I fix it?

RAM Specs:
Crucial 200pin DDR2 soDIMM 2gig [x2]

Computer Specs:
Acer Aspire 5570-2977
Intel Pentium dual-core T2080
Intel graphics media accelerator 950
80GB Hard drive
DVD-Super Multi DL disc drive
[2x] 512mb DDR2
WLAN card

Thanks guys,

Have you checked that the RAM is actually compatible with your system? Just becuase it fits in the slot doesn’t mean it’s compatible.

You could look on your manufactures website for what ram types are compatible, also are you under warranty? If so, you’re probably not anymore. Opening your case and installing new hardware often voids the warranty.

My guess is that your machine cannot handle those particular 2 gig sticks. Although this page would indicate it can take 4 gigs total, I don’t see any Crucial brand compatible 2 gig sticks listed.

Do you have the 5570Z? (Check to the lower right of the spacebar, not the label on the bottom). If so, this model can only take 2 gig max link

As a note, Frys (at least the two near where I live) are absolutely terribly for product, service, know-how, prices, and anything really.

I prefer to order from [Mwave

As a final note, I’ve been very happy with my Acer laptop (4720Z). It’s no computing powerhouse but is fantastic for the price.]()

Have you tried running with only 1 stick of memory? It could be possible that one stick is bad.


order from newegg (=

there are a lot of things that you have to check when installing new RAM… for instance i have noticed other people saying that 4GB may not be supported by your motherboard.

you really have to read the mobo’s manual to determine the speed range and memory limit that you are limited to ordering. Also, i guess you should check that the voltages going to the memory is correct, otherwise it wont function.

ive also heard complaints about 2GB sticks being more unstable than their 1GB counterparts…

Alright, so after further investigation, testing, and conversing with a good friend of mine, I’ve found out a bit more.

The computer WILL boot with one stick in. I then switched the single stick with the other to make sure they were both good and not burnt out. Both work alone, but not together. I’m about to check and make sure the second RAM port on the mobo works, just for remedial reasons. At this point, I’m thinking any kind of information will be helpful.

One more note: The Fry’s salesman got me to buy two single sticks separately in order to receive the rebates they were offering. I’m willing to bet that has something to do with the fact they don’t work together.

Thanks for all the help guys and gal!

P.S.- Second port works just fine. Also, my Vista is a 32bit version…Not what I thought. Oh, and yes, my Acer is a 5570Z.

P.S.S.- Oi, you said 5520Z. My is the 5570Z, not sure if you made a typo or not.

What are the specs of the RAM that you bought? Brand, speed (supports DDR2 533mhz, or PC2 4200). Got that from the Amazon product page, couldn’t find anything else easily.

This looks like what you need, based on that Amazon page. One of two 2gb (2x 1gb) packages from Newegg (the other costs a couple of dollars more).

Also, according to the Amazon page, this only supports up to 2gb of memory, while the first link that sanddrag posted that said 4gb… so look on some forums/reviews to find out before you upgrade to 4gb (if you ever do).

When purchasing new ram to all out replace your old stuff, I’d definitely stick to buying matched pairs of ram (you get stuff that is designed to work together). Also, there might be a problem with the amount of power (ramjuice as i like to call it) that your ram is getting. Aftermarket ram often times takes more power than stock budget ram. Try booting with 1 stick, going to the bios and changing the voltage (if possible) to the recommended voltage for your new stuff, save/shutdown, install both sticks and try booting then.

Hope I’ve helped,


Exact RAM specs:

Crucial 2GB 200pin DDR2 soDIMM 256Mx64PC2-5300 667Mhz

Nearly everything straight off of the package. A couple other numbers are just bar code ids.

Thank again,

I just looked around for the voltage settings in my BIOS and I couldn’t find anything.

Update Numero Dos: Me and my dad just switched around the RAM between our two computers. His Gateway will boot with one of my two gig sticks, and one of his one gigs. Mine, however, won’t boot with the same configuration. Now, when I took the one gig stick out and replaced it with one of my stock 512 sticks, it boots fine. I’m believing it’s a voltage issue. It doesn’t seem like there would be a cut-off at 2.5gigs to 3gigs.

3: Booted into the BIOS to check something, and my computer is only picking up the 2gigs of RAM, yet it still boots with the 512 in. Odd…Why do I love computers so much!?

Whenever looking to upgrade RAM, check out the Crucial upgrade tool. It’ll scan your system and let you know exactly what you need. Ignore the recommended upgrades (though you did buy Crucial RAM anyways, haha) and just see what it says regarding max possible and all that.

Also - you said you didn’t think there’d a cutoff at 2.5 to 3, you’d be surprised. Stock computer manufacturers do strange things. Custom-built gaming PC for the win :slight_smile:

Boy do I love User Manuals that lie…

Seems that I can only use 2GB, whereas my manual said 4GB. Thank you Acer! [/sarcasm]

Well, my dad is using the other 2GB stick now, so I guess it wasn’t all for nothing. 'Course, the Crucial thing says his computer will only hold 2GB, but it’s reading 3GB at the moment.

Thanks for all the help guys.

P.S.- Grant, I’ve always dreamed of building my own gaming computer…I just know when I do, it won’t be cheap. It’ll be awhile before I get around to that. Haha.

I built mine for about $1000, through the power of careful shopping and research. its not half bad either, but i dont really do much gaming on it anymore )=

The question is still, do you have the 5570Z, or just the straight 5570? (indicated on the badge near the lower right of the spacebar)

EDIT: Sorry, I need to learn how to read. You did state it was the Z. In that case, 2 gigs max. There’s your problem. I’d return those for a pair of 1 gig sticks, or just toss one 2 gig stick in there, and save the other for another system.