Black Bumper Numbers?

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At the risk of asking a stupid question, are teams allowed to make the main color of their bumpers any color we want? For the past 4 years we’ve done white numbers with black outline, and never raised an eye…However one of our local teams pointed out that the rules specify that the outline must be white.

R29,A consist of Arabic numerals at least 4 in. (~11 cm) high, at least ½ in. (~13 mm) in stroke
width, and be either white in color or outlined in white with a minimum 1/16 in. (~2 mm)

So we were considering making black numbers with an outline of white, but no one on my team can recall ever seeing a team with numbers other than white. Can someone confirm that it is legal to have bumper number any color we want? We see no rule specifying the main color has to be white.

Thanks from 2412!

We used black numbers outline in white last year and didn’t have any issues.

Any chance you could PM me a picture? We were interested in seeing what it would look like.

BONDS has done white outlines with gold infill the last three years with no issues. Not a great picture but here is our 2018 robot with bumpers :

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That’s a great idea! Maybe we should try red and white strips haha

Honestly I haven’t been in FRC for very long but Im assuming that as long as your numbers are legible and not crazy looking. It’ll be fine, if anything it would be up to the LRI on if the bumpers are legal and if you can clearly read the numbers then you should be fine.

Couldn’t find a pic but they show up fairly well in the match video here.

No requirement for fill color, only the outline. So yes, any (or no) color is legal.

Just don’t go crazy and try to use reflective tape, outlined in white.

Unfortunately I would rather not break the rules and then show up to competition and be screwed .

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Well clearly it’s been shown that the rules aren’t enforced as severely as most rules. Use common sense and you’ll most likely be fine. Follow the rules, and you’ll always be fine.

This part right here specifically makes it legal as long as you follow 1/16in outline (but id add more just in case.)

For examples, a great one is 78.

Within the district, a good example is 1540.

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Any color numbers, even tie-dye, are legal, so long as they are outlined in white.

Your biggest concern is making sure the numbers are easily readable, even from the nosebleed seats. You never know where other team’s scouts may be, and you want them to be able to identify your team when you do something good!


I just realized something, the rules seem to say “the bumpers must either be white, and outlined with whatever, or whatever and outlined in white” is that correct?

Would that then make white bumpers with black outline legal?

On year we did yellow numbers. To our surprise when we got to competition we were told they needed to be white or white outlined, so attempted to outline our numbers with white paint and little mini screwdrivers that Thermoking gave us to hand out.

You’ll likely run into problems with R28 if you try to do that.

it explicitly states the outer part needs to be white in R29. Invert it and youre good.

You probably could get away with white-black-white if you really wanted the black shadow on it

My apologies I meant white numbers with black outline.

How I read that part is that it can be either white, or outlined in white, but it doesn’t make it clear To me that if you have white number, you can have black outline. Forgive me if I’m wrong. @MikLast

As the rules are written, the black outline would not be part of your numbers and therefore an illegal marking on the bumper. That said… that part of the rule that doesn’t seem to be that heavily enforced.

  • Q210 Are their any restrictions to the outline color on white colored numbers on bumpers R29. Team numbers must be displayed and positioned on the BUMPERS such . . . . A. consist of Arabic numerals at least 4 in. (~11 cm) high, at least ½ in. (~13 mm) in stroke width, and be either white in color or outlined in white with a minimum 1/16 in. (~2 mm) outline If the number color is white, are there any restrictions on the outline color? can the outline be Black? Gold? Silver? the opposite of the bumper color (red/blue)? Is this an inclusive or exclusive OR?
  • Per R29 numbers must either be white (i.e. the whole number is white) or outlined in white. There is no provision for white numbers outlined in another color
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