Black Friday 2007

Anyone camping out this year?

Any great deals you’re targeting?

I ventured forth early on Black Friday last year not so much to buy but to observe humanity in its most primal form. Quite interesting. :smiley:

I’ve been looking for a good deal on a digital SLR camera. Currently, no such deals are jumping out–nothing that beats Amazon. Hopefully, some folks will tip their hands tomorrow.

As I was driving home last night, I passed a sign on the highway while going by a mall. It read: “Parking lots open at 11pm on Thanksgiving.” Might as well pass up Thanksgiving dinner, and tailgate at the mall. (BBQ turkey anyone?) :stuck_out_tongue:

Usually on Black Friday I try to stay far away any shopping areas, but I need to get a birthday present for my mom (for Monday). I’m also looking for a good digital SLR, but have avoided looking at any ads. Just the idea of trying to shop on Friday is pretty scary, having done it before.

i was hoping that the panasonic dslr would win in the customer votes thing that amazon has going on. 500 for a camera that usually sells for 1200 is not bad, but they only have 500 at that price and it goes to random voters
but it looks the $79 for wii is going to win on day one

Everything & Anything Black Friday:

As for me… idk yet. I may get ambitious Thursday night and make plans with some family/friends to venture out on Friday, but then again I have that truck of mine I need to move some time this weekend as well… so… who knows?

Lots of websites which list the Black Friday deals… before the ads come out tomorrow. I like this onebecause of its sortable spreadsheet. My new camera (Sony S700) is on sale at our local Sam’s Club on Fri at only $89.83 - a good deal for a nice camera for someone like me who doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles.

I absolutely love Black Friday at one of the Nations largest Malls!

This year, I am looking for nothing special. However, on Saturday I will be moving into my new house, and I am looking for good deals on housewares.

I trying to find a great deal on a Wii and the new Ipod Nano.

I personally haven’t seen anything worth camping out for this year. I think last years deals were better. But maybe that’s because I didn’t find and LCD HDTV’s for the size and price I was expecting then to go for on Black Friday.

I’m camping out. Not to purchase anything, but to mock the people who camp out to do that. About 6-10 of my friends and I will try to get to the first of the line, and then stay in front of a store from 10 thanksgiving til 5 a.m. Black Friday.

We’ve got some fun games we’ll play… but lets just leave it at that.

GL everyone.

Starts in an hour and a half!


Meh, I’ve never been one to attend or observe one of these frightful days. Not that I didn’t want to, but usually we’re still at home or a family member’s house. Might go and camp at City View to watch people make fools of themselves. Just started a new job, so I don’t have enough money to do some shopping early this year.

The only thing I am doing on Black Friday is going to the Celthics/Lakers game (and possibly looking for fruit flies).

Orange Box for $25 at Best Buy, with a $25 gift card I found under my bed last night. I can’t wait; I would probably pay $40 for Portal alone, but then also getting TF2 and HL2 episodes (already have HL2 itself), incredible.

Might also pick up the Logitech MX Revolution mouse they’ve got for $50 (normally a ~$100 mouse). Spilled something on mine a while back and it’s just not the same anymore.

I already have a Wii, but the $80 deal sounds unbelievable, I would definitely recommend that to anyone who doesn’t have one yet.

but it looks the $79 for wii is going to win on day one

Where is this deal happening?

it was some voting thing that had, people would vote on which item should win, day 1 (today) had wii for 79, ps3 149 and 360 for 149, and the winning item would be on sale for that day, but you had to be randomly selected in order to buy the item, 5 days left for the voting thing

Super Mario Galaxy for $35
Just came out last week and can’t wait to get it for $15 off regular price.

I’ll be waiting in line at Circuit City to nab my copy. :slight_smile:

Afterwards, my dad wants to go to the Home Depot to pick up some stuff.

explain more?

Check out tomorrow for sales, if you weren’t one of the twenty lucky people to get the discounted items at Best Buys/Circuit City/Sears/etc. at 5am. Last Black Friday, iPod Nanos were about $30 off at the Apple Store.

Best Buys is selling Wii’s for only $79 on Black Friday! :yikes:

Edit: I cannot find confirmation of the $79 dollar Wii deal online; I saw the ad in a local newspaper flyer this morning.