Black Friday Deals

So, what super-hot deals are you looking forward to? What stores are you going to, and what time will you get there? I’ve never really even been out of the house on Black Friday before, so I’m excited about giving it a try. I’m willing to sit out there all night for my spot in line, but I can’t figure out what to do with my chair when the doors bust open for business.

Chair? Wimp. :wink:

(Personally, I wait until a little later in the morning–this usually yields good results.)

Honestly, I haven’t seen any of the deals, since we don’t get the Sunday paper. So hopefully my mom saved the flyers from the paper, or they’ll put out a bunch later this week.

I haven’t seen any ads either, but there’s a few websites that have supposedly gotten a hold of them and are listing what deals there are doing to be. Don’t the official Ads come out on Wednesday or Thursday? I didn’t see anything too fantastic in today’s paper.

Gah! You’re not supposed to tell anybody about those! How am I supposed to get my Walmart laptop if everyone goes to get one?

what is black friday huh? Someone fill me in please?

Black Friday is always the day after thanksgiving, it is when the X-mas gift buying season really starts, and stores celebrate by having huge one time sales.

I have to work black friday :frowning: I have to be at staples at 5:30 am to open up at 6:00 am. I don’t think we will be too busy cause they just opened a best buy 3 days ago.

Black Friday is the bussinesst shopping day of the year, the day after Thanksgiving. It gets its name becuase its the most profitable sale day, which brings retails out of the red (lost money) into the black (profit).


The Best Buy near my house brought in $500,000 last year on black friday alone.

I am disappointed that Radio Shack is not offering some promotion for the Vex kits and accessories. It seems like they’re not taking advantage of a great opportunity to get the kits under more trees and menorahs and things this holiday season.

Black Friday. My favorite day of the year. Oh I love shopping… :smiley:

You WILL be busy. If the Best Buy is next door in the same place, you will be even busier.

I know I’ve planned what I wanted and driven to a CompUSA that was 20 minutes further then the one closest to me because it was much closer to a Best Buy. I ended up with all that I wanted from both places, and was done with my shopping before 7:30am. :smiley:


My brother is trying to convince me on this Black Friday plan where we wouldn’t get more than 3 hours of sleep Thursday Night. I think he’s crazy.

Just think of it as a FIRST weekend sleep schedule… 3 hours is more than enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha exactly what i was thinking. our team needs a few more kits and i was hoping they would hav some crazy sale like…$75.99

The foolish Americans have never heard of Boxing day, so they concocted this pale imitation in its stead. (To make matters worse, they scheduled it after their Thanksgiving holiday, which is obviously on the wrong date.)

Boxing Day eh??
Is that when people like Tyson, Holyfield, and Foreman are praised?


(And, no… I’m not serious. This “foolish American” has heard of Boxing Day before)

Walmart has links all over the yahoo home page

on black friday they will be selling an HP Pavilion AMD sempron, with 256MB, 40GB HD and wireless network adapter

for $378 ! starting at 5AM.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, its a laptop!

I’ve found some nice 4 and 5 megapixel digital cameras under $200 online now, but the best deals will obviously be in the store at 5AM tomorrow.

There’s a full Celeron system for $150 at Best Buy tomorrow.

I’m tempted, but I really oughta save my cash. (And besides, I don’t have much of a place to put it in my room.)

I’ve got my brother going to Circuit City tomorrow with the sole purpose of getting a digital camera for $70 after rebate. 5 MP, to boot. :smiley: