"Black Friday" - Robowrangler Sheet Metal Giveaway 2018

Hi everyone,

The Robowranglers have been doing some shop cleanup in anticipation of the 2019 FRC season. While doing so, we’ve identified several spare parts and assemblies which we don’t have a home for.

In the past, we’ve had a few other FRC teams ask for some of our extra sheet metal (we do our best to help out with these requests). In each of these cases, the teams would later comment on how much they learned about sheet metal fabrication techniques by analyzing the components and assemblies they received. We know it is helpful to review an old CAD model, but there can be a benefit from holding a part in your hand and trying to bend it in different ways.

We’re offering up several Robowrangler parts / assemblies from the past few seasons for other teams to use for educational purposes. These are all spare components since we don’t disassemble our competition robots after each season.

Items will be sent on a first come, first serve basis. Please note, you will be responsible for the shipping cost.

If you’re interested in one of the items listed below, send an email to robowranglers148@gmail.com with your request, and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Please send a first and second request and we will do our best to send your #1 item. If you are able to claim a part, we will respond with the weight and size of the box the part will ship in. You will then be responsible for providing us with a shipping label that we can print and include on the package.

If you have any questions about these components or this offer, shoot us an email!


2015 - Batman & Robin

  1. 2015 Batman “Arms”
  2. 2015 Batman Arm
  3. 2015 Batman Structure

2016 - Renegade
4. 2016 Drive Pontoon
5. 2016 Bumper Pieces
6. 2016 Electronics Panel
7. 2016 Intake Part
8. 2016 Pneumatapult Frame
9. 2016 Hanger Drum
10. 2016 Hanger Hooks

2017 - Rogue
11. 2017 Miscellaneous Sheetmetal
12. 2017 Drive Frame Rail
13. 2017 Bumper Structure
14. 2017 Battery Box
15. 2017 Hanger Frame
16. 2017 Cheesecake Hanger
17. 2017 Hopper Side
18. 2017 Shooter Hood & Turret
19. 2017 Intake Bearing Plates
20. 2017 MK 4 Intake
21. 2017 MK 4 Intake Frame
22. 2017 MK 6 Intake
23. 2017 MK 8 Intake
24. 2017 MK 9 Intake
25. 2017 Agitator Assembly (With Pineapple)

2018 - Uppercut
26. 2018 Drivetrain Rail
27. 2018 Elevator
28. 2018 Elevator Carriage
29. 2018 Elevator Carriage
30. 2018 Elevator Carriage Support
31. 2018 MK 6 Intake
32. 2018 MK 7 Intake
33. 2018 MK 7 Intake Frame
34. 2018 MK 8 Intake Frame
35. 2018 MK 9 Intake
36. 2018 “A” Frame (With partial winch)
37. 2018 “A” Frame
38. 2018 Robot Wrangler
39. 2018 Robot Wrangler
40. 2018 Robot Wrangler Prototype

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Email sent! You guys do a great service to the community by providing these pieces! 148 is a world class organization.

Email sent! This is a dope thing you are doing for the community :smiley:

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Sent one, although I probably wont get one, Im still optimistic

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It was great aligning with y’all at state this past season!

Sent an email request. We are sad that we won’t play with y’all this year.

Email sent! Amazing engineering as always :slight_smile:

email sent. would love a part to help our team!

Email sent. Interested in 2017 or 2018 parts and I’m sure I’ll find something I like out of what’s left. What have others claimed?

Late to the party. This is amazing! Even just seeing the individual part pictures is informative.

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