"Black Friday" - Robowrangler Sheet Metal Giveaway 2018

Would you be willing to part with a life-size cutout of JVN? Asking for a friend.

We’d also be interested in one of these. I think it would really increase productivity. Or at least really confuse our freshmen.

Just throw it up on vexpro, I’d buy one to stand behind me when I’m sitting at my desk and silently judge me for making a #partiallyblacksomethings robot CAD model

I have been wondering what you guys are using against the round tube. I’ve seen the CAD but was wondering if you ordered them from somewhere, or if you made them, what are they made out of?

Just a quick update. We’ve received well over 100 e-mails since Friday night, and will begin responding tomorrow.

Thank you all for the interest!

Thanks a ton for this! I did reply also, hopefully I didn’t need to post here… Really hoping to get that elevator assembly.