Black Jaguar Replacement (RMA) Process

See below for the updated procedure.

Would you repeat the link to TI Technical Support website? It didn’t open and I’ve not been able to search TI and find it. Have 1 KOP Jaguar down and would like to RMA it. Thanks,

Try this link:

Great…good link. Thank you

I am already in the process of getting an RMA # from Digikey for a set of Black Jaguars ordered through them that have a startlingly high failure rate, should I put that on hold and do this instead? Or continue through digikey? Thanks.

If you need this expedited, please use the RMA procedure described in this thread.

I submitted RMAs back on Jan 15th and have not heard anything back yet and really need to get these Jaguars replaced before our next regional. I called the number for support but the gentleman I spoke to wasn’t sure what I was talking about so he is checking for me. In the meantime I figured I would post here. Is there anyone else I can call to get this processed? I have submitted 2 and have 2 more to submit.

I’ve had a bit of communication with Billy at [email protected] after submitting RMA. TI has asked for a bit of diagnostic testing and have yet to provide permission to return controller, so you need to start the communication quickly.

Thanks. After calling a received an email from Billy and he is having me resubmit the info for the RMA. We have spares in the meantime so we will be okay, but I’m hoping to get this resolved soon.

Thank you, this was very helpful.

Will they replace Jaguars that have burnt out if the cause is likely aluminum shavings (shorted out)? If not, can you pay to get them repaired/refurbished?

The first year we had the jaguars, when luminarymicro was getting their foot in the door and had alot of problems with them, they sent replacements immediately and asked questions later. We bought 10 jaguars this year ($850 worth of hardware) and one of them was dead out of the box - couldn’t get it to connect or configure. I followed the replacement process to the letter Monday morning, and here’s the response I got Tuesday afternoon:

I am sorry you have experienced this. Thank you very much for taking the time to provide this. I have put this in the appropriate hands for an evaluation as there is usually a few more questions, or tests before sending a new one. You will hear from me again soon.

Still no word today. Maybe it’s time to switch back to Victors.

Gary, were you ever contacted by our support team?

We just bought 12 and one was dead on arrival. I submitted an RMA request tonight through the digikey website (where we purchased them) and hope to get some better and quick results

Yes we got the replacement in the mail today. Thanks.

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