Black Lines On Images

Hi, our team was able to get the CMUcam working, but a short time after we succesffully captured images, all the new images captured had strange black lines on them and had weird things when the images were captured.

We do not know what the problem is, so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


Team 766

Little update on this, the camera now doesnt take pictures at all. We try running the CMUcam java program and the program cannot see the camera. When we reset the camera with the board, the program is able to see the camera, but when we try to capture a frame with it, the program freezes and we have to kill it.



Are you guys using a laptop?

My laptop and the CMUcam didn’t get along very well. When I would grab a frame, the debugging info in the console showed the size of the lines being grabbed, and the line size would sometimes be doubled or tripled what it should be. The image sometimes wouldn’t completely load, and when it did, there were lines that were longer than they should be, shifted to the left, and there was purple distortion on the same lines. changing to a desktop computer fix the issue. I have the idea that maybe it’s because the laptop’s serial port is actually a converted USB port, but I’m not positive. I know my COM settings were as specified in the manual.

Try changing computers, and if you still have issues, call Innovation First, and I’m sure you’ll be able to get a new cam.