BLAH! (Bowling Lock-in At Hightstown)

Team 1089 will be hosting a bowling lock-in fundraiser, entitled BLAH (Bowling Lock-in At Hightstown). Here’s the general info:

It will be held Saturday, June 4th at 11pm to Sunday, June 5th at 7am. Yes, we know it starts late - our recommendation is that everyone comes early and goes to the movie theater which is just a little while down the same road. It’s just after the new Star Wars comes out, so if you want to check that out, then later you can come to the fundraiser and watch our Star Wars Marathon on projector screen. We’ll also have video game tournaments for **Halo 2 **and Unreal 2. There will be cosmic bowling, seeing as it’s hosted at a bowling alley and all… =p. Additionally, we’ll have a DDR tournament for those of us who like to be a bit more active. Finally, we’ll have other games around, such as Twister. We’ll be providing food - pizza and soda at night, and bagels or donuts and juice in the morning. Since we have to require that no food or drink be brought in, we will also have snacks and drinks that can be purchased at low cost. It is only $18 if you pay in advance, so sign up now! Money is due by Saturday, May 27th. Everyone must have a release form to attend this event, so make sure you download the attachment! YOU CANNOT ENTER WITHOUT A RELEASE FORM!

The flyer, additional information sheet ,and registration form for this event can be downloaded from an attached document (they are together one document, entitled BLAH) and the release form is attached as another document as well. For further information or directions please contact me (Carli Roberts) by phone at (609) 947-7302 or e-mail [email protected]. I appreciate everyone’s support and suggestions!


If you would, and happen to know the information, could teams please post their advisor’s email addresses? We would like to inform as many TEAMS as possible about the upcoming event, but we’re having trouble finding contact information for all of them. This is going to be a huge party and a great time, and I’d love to see a ton of people come :slight_smile:

So make plans to be there!

To get an estimate on tournament size for video games it might be a good idea to take a poll of people that we know are coming.

Please RSVP in this topic if you are going to attend this event. We want to attain a headcount so that stuff can be prepared appropriately.

If I do come, I’ll be in on the Halo 2 tournament.

we’ll have sign-up sheets there for everyone to register… there will be a few tournaments for various games, but it will be first-come first-serve basis with alimited number of people per tournament, so if you want to be in one, make sure you sign up as soon as you get there!

Three members from 1626 will be there :smiley:

at least 1 member from team 1302 will be there, but it’s a bit sketchy. It’s happening around our exam time >.>

Great! And for those of you who haven’t been able to send in their money in advance, it will be $22 at the door. Even if you are planning on paying at the door, it would be appreciated that you let me know how many people from your team are going for planning purposes. Thanks!

For those of you paying at the door - PLEASE bring CASH - we cannot take a check at the door.

To everyone that participated in BLAH,

Thanks for coming! It was great to see a lot of FIRST people involved and interested in being together in a social setting! I hope you had plenty of food and BAWLS to keep you up.

The only concern I have is that we are missing some XBOX pieces. One student is missing two controllers (that have what apparently are chewmarks on them) as well as the A/V and Power cables… and another student is missing one controller. If you happen to have picked these up, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

In addition, I have the disconnector piece of an additional controller (though without the controller itself) so if anyone has half a controller, please let me know! Thanks!