Blank SmartDashboard

Hey, using a 2013 classmate here. When I open up smart dashboard, it is blank with a small black square. When I close it, the pop up tab is only half rendered. I tried reinstalling, but the same issue occurs. If needed, I can post pics tomorrow.

The smart dashboard is supposed to be initially blank. You are supposed to add the data, widgets, etc.

When you instantiate a new smart dashboard object, you can then add data to it in code and then it’ll be there when the robot is enabled and the smart dashboard is open.

The issue is not that smartdashboard is empty, it is totally blank. Even the file and view tabs are not there. When I attempt to close it, the save before closing tab is only half rendered, and the other half is blank. I would post a pic, but the school wifi blocks most image hosting websites.

Also make sure it is the newest version.

This is really weird. The dashboard starts off blank, but if I put the laptop into sleep mode and awaken it, the dashboard is fixed instantly. It opens up blank each time, and I need to do the above steps each time…

Is it the same as what is described in this thread:

Unfortunately, no. That it what is called SFX. I’m talking about the older smart dashboard. I may be incorrect, but I believe the SFX is just a showcase of what the dashboard can do.

sfx is a 2.0 of smartdashboard, i have been messing around with it alot this year and it is really nice. Back to your issue, can you try it on a different computer at all? or is the classmate your only one?

We have a second backup PC, but that can only be used for writing code, as it can’t leave the school. This temp fix seems to be alright though, just weird.