Blank Space at Bottom of Pages

Can anyone offer some help?

On a few (not all) of the pages on our team’s website, there is a large amount of blank space at the bottom, sometimes taking up as much space as the page content itself. It seems to only occur here, here and here. It’s baffling to me that it’s only occurring on some pages, because when I compare a page with the blank space to one without, I cannot spot a difference.

Thanks in advance!

it doesnt show up in the hyperlinks you posted… :confused:

or are you talking about the frame on the side?

I see what your talking about. are you hand coding or using Dreamweaver?

looks like you have a css styling error:](

the margin-bottom is set to 70% on these pages… may want to change that :wink:

Thanks so much. That fixed the problem. :slight_smile: