Blanket Alliance Penaltys

I have been wondering about this since i pushed forward the scouting program for Spyder. When they assign penalty’s they don’t specify which team received which penalty. From a professional standpoint, this information could be invaluable for scouting i can factor it in to the pivot tables for the overall score instead of being forced to average there penalty’s from how many times there said alliance has received them which is somewhat inaccurate and can be bad for unlucky Qualifying round teams “Team 330s first qualifier at the san diego regional had 40points in penalty’s bringing the score to 6-10 from 46-10.” Now from a Gracious Standpoint i have heard teams argue that it wouldn’t be fair to single out teams for having lots of penalty’s but honestly then their errors can be identified and fixed. So on a graciously professional standpoint, i think that they should announce which team received the penalty’s instead of which alliance because it seems to me its better for everyone.

At most regionals, they announce who received how many penalties and for what. They did this at both regionals that I attended (BAE/NH and CT).


At the Boilermaker Regional, the penalty announcing was off and on. They were still major factors in many matches though. It seemed that majority of the penalties were just crossing the line penalties, so if u have some extra people, just have them watch for the penalty flags. The refs also pointed at the team to tell who got the penalty. It just takes a little more work, but it will all be fine in the end.

I do not believe that penalties are given as alliance penalties. At detroit, they gave our alliance partner a yellow flag, but the head ref came over and specifically mentioned that the flag only applied to one team, not the whole alliance.

For our scouting, we have one person watching each robot. One of the things those people are looking for is penalties. If after the match the ref announces a <G22> penalty, each scouter should have already known if their robot committed it, even if it wasn’t announced. We then record that teams as having received a penalty in that match and go from there.

This thread covers a lot of the same things:

This was a concern for us as well, as I specifically asked for our scouts to note penalties at each team. Luckily at SVR they were fairly good with this, but at times, especially when the penalties were being pushed back to after the next match (!), teams were not stated 100% of the time.

I think a good way to fix this problem is to look at the NFL. They have a specific format, you’ve all heard it: “Holding, on the offense, number 72, 10-yard penalty”. I see no reason why FIRST couldn’t do the same thing… perhaps something like “Crossing the line backwards on the blue alliance robot number 123, which is a 10-point penalty”. It would make the competition easier to understand for the fans and the scouts. Also at SVR, our announcer specifically explained many of the penalties (especially on Saturday), including reading from the rulebook, which I thought was a very nice idea.

I just don’t have the manpower to put a scout on each robot, and at the San Diego regional i was surprised that all they did to signal a penalty is to hold up a flag, i only have 1 man on each alliance so it would be easier if they listed them at the end of the match.