Bleacher Mounted Scouting Table

The problem comes when teams outside of IN think this is a really good idea, build one, and show up to a local regional (or maybe Champs?) that already barely has enough seating. I haven’t seen one where I’m at, but that’s probably because it would provoke a bunch of upset teams who want those seats in about 10 seconds. Out here the bleachers tend to not have any extra space.


We are going to a regional and after this thread WE WILL NOT BRING IT.


100% no but I regularly see near total with the remaining seats being poor (like the rafters in Kokomo where its 90 degrees.)

Like I said put up your tables, just keep them out of prime areas. It’s frustrating when your a small team and you don’t have the manpower to save seats and your pit crew wants to watch their match and they can’t find a seat with a descent view.


I think that trade off is more than fair.

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I like this option.


Basically, to sum up all the comments, some teams would believe that scouting tables would be a bad idea because,

  • They take up space that others could be sitting in and
  • They block the seats making it a fire hazard.

Others would argue that,

  • They take as much space as if they weren’t there, because the extra seats hold coats and bags and
  • The teams would not use the tables unless there was room.
  • They would be located in the middle, making it easy to go in ether direction to the walking area.

I personally think it could save space. When our team gets seats, our coats and bags take up more space than we do! With a specific place to put them, it would greatly help with organization and space. Also, I know there is a small chance that the table will delay someone a tinny bit if there was a fire, but I don’t see how it would delay them anymore that a bunch of bags and people would. They are more likely to trip over the bags then a table they can easily walk past. This is simply my opinion and I might me wrong, but even if I am wrong, the tables will be in the middle so if the people just go in the opposite direction, they will be fine. I do think there are cases that are too crowded for a table, but I also think there are times when it is perfectly acceptable.

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For sure. Also, be aware that, at most regionals, they dont allow outside food and bags often get checked. Very different feel than our district events.

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Yep, when I was a student back in 2006 we only had regionals and I remember. We’ve done 3 Regionals and Worlds in our 5 previous seasons, extra seating was non existent.


If this was on our bleachers at the District I am EC for it would be asked to be removed. At a bare minimum it would need to be removed after every day of competition and would need to be occupied at all times. Don’t do this, it is not necessary and only causes problems in the stands.

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This is why my team has a rack in the back corner of our pit. It holds all of our coats and bags - as a result, we take up very little extra space in the stands.


We try doing that, but our pits always get cluttered with the extra stuff, and nobody can work on the robot. That would be nice though.

Our storage unit is similar to this:

It collapses down for transport, sets up easily. One of the mentors made a quilted cover that fits over it to make it look nice and hide all the bags and jackets from view, with a slit down one side for access.


Only if to bring one for every team… or in Indiana evidently

To answer one of your questions, bleacher row spacing varies from 22" to 26".

The picture shown above is an Interkal bleacher, the largest provider in the USA. Made in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

I would not bring or use a table like that to an event personally. I have never seen one in use in the 5 years I have been mentoring in Michigan.

Yes they are a violation of fire code unless they are used in the first row, people seated in the second row, or in the very top row. No one will ever call a team out on that violation imo.

The Manufacturers provided scorers tables that mount to the first row and video platforms that mount on the top platforms.

Facilities don’t want them left in place overnight because someone might run the bleachers. Ugly things happen to the under-structure when they don’t slide together as designed.

I also like this.

One scouting table or one storage unit?

Unless you’re in Indiana. Then totally do this and just don’t leave it in the stands at the end of the day.

When a team shows up with an office style 6 person half-wall cubicle then I’ll start to get concerned.


This is our next endeavor.


As teams have been doing for years without issue.


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