Bleacher Mounted Scouting Table

I’ve had larger bleacher seats than yours at events without issues - but maybe others were silently stewing.

Your seats don’t look problematic. If you’re concerned, you could stash them during the most crowded points during the event - ceremonies, alliance selection, elims, etc.


Sounds easy enough, they are only to be used by students who are actively scouting and since no scouting data will be taken during those times I feel that’s easy to do.

You’ve seen our campfire???

Being both a marching band parent and also 6’6" tall, I really, really HATE those things!

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Is that because your legs hit the back of them?

Yes, at one band contest someone flopped one of those open right in front of me leaving about 4" of leg room!

So if I Kept all of those in the middle of our group, so the only people who sit behind them will be our students, would you be cool with that?


Are those the covers of the bleacher tables?

I assume you’re not planning on using buffalo as your scouting tables, since they tend to move around and take up a lot of space.


That’s how we get our scouting spots, they wait in line with us and we just let them lead the way. Walking the whole way of course.

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If they are allowed in the stadium, yes.
They should, however, be banned world-wide.

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Where are you going to find that many yaks in Indiana?

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In the corn fields, they go out there and don’t come back its really weird.


I love this mindset for scouting - I think it’s an amazing idea and personally does not make me angry. Please do not bring animals into events, unless they are therapy animals, then of course they are welcome.


On second look, they appear to be musk oxen. At least they’re from the same continent as IN.

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