Bleeder Valve's for Pneumatics?

Does anyone know how to go about using a bleeder valve on a pneumatic system for a robot?

You mean just a valve to let the compressed air out? I mean, don’t you just attach the pressurized system tubing to one end of the valve and nothing on the other? Am I missing something?

For the dump valve, yes; for the relief valve, substitute “brass fittings” for “tubing”.

But I don’t know what a bleeder valve is, so I can’t comment on that.

I feel as though I am a bit confused. Aren’t bleeder valves for removing air pockets from hydraulic lines? Unless your are talking about the pressure overflow valve on the back of your compressor?

How do I remove air pockets from my pneumatic lines? I am struggling to find a method that successfully completes the job without compromising the functionality of the system.

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