Is there mentor or an experience Animator that help guide us on blender for Sun Valley High School Robotics team.

I have only used Blender occasionally so I wouldn’t really be able to help but I can help in 3DS MAX. Through FIRST you can get that free and since Autodesk sponsors the animation and CAD awards, they do ask that you use their software. You can get a copy of any of their software at :slight_smile:

I can get the program, so here is the address for the school if you can make it.

Sun Valley High School
9171 Telfair Ave
Sun Valley, CA 91387

Thank you

Well, I can’t come to your school since I’m in Wisconsin but I can do my best to mentor over chiefdelphi :slight_smile: I’ve helped several other teams get their animation programs started over chiefdelphi so I do have some experience doing that though there is nothing like being there. Does anyone on your team have any experience with 3DS MAX?

If you do install 3ds Max you can get a lot of help on this forum, but you should start by watching some 3ds Max tutorials on YouTube. There are a lot posted, but I think some of the best are from “thenewboston”.

For example: has a ton of good tutorials as well :slight_smile: