I was wondering, does anyone here use belnder?

Team 1540 Does, although not for animation entries…
…matter of fact, I don’t know quite what we use it for, other than fun.

For those who don’t know about blender, check it out at:

It’s pretty much a free “open-source” 3D program. Many that I spoke with say that it’s easier to use and better then 3D Max. Never used 3D Max, so I’m not sure. :rolleyes:

I tried using it and I personally don’t like it… It really doesn’t have anything going for it that that 3-d Studio Max doesn’t, except that it is free. Also, I’d actually say that the UI is also ALOT harder to get familiar with than max’s.

I would recommand Blender to beginners who cannot afford Maya or other expensive 3D software. I have created a walking gingerbread man (link below) in less then 3 hours having ZERO knowledge of 3D.

The GingerBread Man

There are many extensive tutorials all over the internet.

How do I make my own GingerBread Man?

  1. Download a copy of Blender
  2. Go HERE (Online Book)
  3. Read Chapter: Understanding the interface
  4. Jump to: Your first animation in 30 + 30 minutes

Enjoy! :slight_smile: