Anyone here ever use Blingo? It is a search engine that uses Google results but allows you to win prizes just for searching. I recommend you check it out and sign up if you are interested.

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i think its spam


convince me it is safe dude

yeah… sounds lake dangerousness


Actually sounds pretty good. Tentatively The marketing strategy is sound; give away prizes to draw people in, so your sponsors will become interested and give you money. The only problem I see is a lawsuit from Google.

They make their money from Google ads which they then use to pay for the prizes. And it couldn’t possible give viruses/spyware as you are not required to install anything.

Cookies could contain viruses…

exactly and spyware installs without you noticing most of the time

Looks like a very sketchy idea, be aware!

I believe that their service violates Google’s Terms of Service:

Wouldn’t offering prizes to search through your website be competing with Google, who offer no prizes to search?

your right it would violate the tos… but who would actually use this

I see your point about the TOS…I don’t know…maybe they made a deal with Google? Even if they didn’t, Google is probably very well aware of what they are doing. Anyways, if you use Firefox, you don’t have to worry about viruses and spyware.

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Even if they say fire fox doesnt allow it, you never know what people are coming up with. I read in a magazine in my network class that Firex Fox has 28 holes and 3 unpatched. While Opera has 8 holes and 2 unpatched, while IE has 83 holes and 25 unpatched.

So you never know how truly secure you are

I only Use FIREFOX and i know that you can get viruse and spyware through it i got 3 viruses in the same week while on firefox… its always possible to contract something that installs invisibly to you…

Hate to bring up an old topic but just wanted to say I Just won and this is a legit site.

WOW thread revival!

Does this still exist?


As a comment on all posts on the TOS. The site is run by publisher’s clearing house and it explicitly says “Powered by Google”

@jacob…Wouldn’t it have taken less time to type “blingo” into google then to make your post? still loading 2 pages but less typing. :stuck_out_tongue:


What did you get?

I one a movie ticked. WOOT! Basically i got till the end of the year to get a Fandango movie ticket by entering in a code or something. Yea the site still works but I don’t know about the referral link. Heres mine
But basically if you sign up under me and you win I get the same prize you win.

P.S. I found out about this site from a link in someone Sig named sam on this forum. I want to contact the person because i think they only got a month to claim their prize.(Since I won they win too)