Blink182's New Album

Alright, so there have to be some other Blink182 fans out there than me…, so I bought the CD the day it came out and wow… what a great album. It is SO different from their previous CD’s, but it’s that good kind of different. I seriously suggest getting this one, or borrowing your friend’s :slight_smile:

thanks looking forward to hearing it

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discuss and have a nice day…

Listened to it a few times. Still iffy.

I don’t dislike it immediately, like I thought I would. It’s different, which is good.

My favorite track would have to be “All of This” which features Robert Smith from The Cure. :slight_smile:

Skillet’s new cd is out n’ it rulz
Blink’s is ok…
but then again never really liked em much neways…

If you didn’t like their old stuff, you may like this new CD. It’s really different.

I’m going to get this CD soon (from a friend to put on my 'pod), so I’ll tell you what I think of it, since I’m not a huge Blink fan.

Me like BMG

Well, it’s been about 5 days I’ve listened to it now, and I have to say this is a REALLY GOOD alblum. Not at all the childish Blink from past years, much more grown up and offers some good punk/rock (ok more rock then punk, but it blends nicely). I love The Fallen Inerlude myself, and I’m digging the rythm to All of This, but my biggest problem is that Violence is just like The Current, with the anvil and everything! Just there isn’t any airpoles or PVC… :stuck_out_tongue:

Blink went the same route as Good Charlotte did. Rocked the underground, got a deal, made a good record [in Blink’s case, a few good], sold out and changed their style so that stupid little girls can wear wife-beaters with “I <3 ROCK STARZZ OMG! TRAVIS IS A HAWTIE” in red sharpie on them and boys can be uber-cool punks with their mascera tears, black nail polish, and a Blink 182 Hoodie.

Do you consider Green Day to have sold out? Their current sound is rather diffrent then their indie albums.

If you want to see something interesting, get the International Superhits DVD. Watch all the videos in order. Watch how the stickers on the guitars change. Its very interesting to see how they change over the 12ish years that the videos cover.

People grow up. People change. Its been nearly 10 years since Blink-182 released their first album. Do you expect them to keep making the same sound? If it sounds alot diffrent from Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, consider all the sideprojects they were involved in durring those 2 years, BoxCar Racer is the big one. Experimentation keeps music fresh.

I also like how Blink-182 followed Good Charlotte…
Blink has been around 10 years more then GC has. :rolleyes:

Now you can go back and join the music ‘purisits’ who will complan of another band who was good when they were indie but became popular, ‘sold out’ and now suck.


H:\Richard Cheese\Richard Cheese - What's my Age Again (Blink 182).mp3

I got nothing but love for the Blink boys. Dude Ranch is my favortists album ever. Can’t wait to hear all the new stuff.

I agree 100% w/ Wetzel :slight_smile:

People change, get over it. :rolleyes:

We can’t expect the Blink guys to keep writing songs about high school problems because well they’re grown up, they’re all married I think and 2 of them have kids… so of course their message and style are going to change, but how is that a bad thing??

I love change, it makes music interesting. I’ve listened to Everclear since their earlier stuff. Same thing with Saves the Day. Blink 182 is another. Change makes your music collection eclectic. Good stuff :slight_smile:

quick q
neone heard nething from the new Offspring cd?
hey it’s off topic but still punk

Yes, it rocks. Not much diffrent then the older stuff, but I totaly am digging Splinter.


Im getting that CD for christmas!

I do d/l alot of stuff from Kazaa, but blink is actually worth it to buy the CD!

kool havn’t been out lately but whenever i do i’ll grab both cd’s

I don’t know if I’d want to commit to Splinter. I never really heard their last album, but a few of my friends told me it wasn’t worth buying. Their last good album was Americana, which I have. So I really hope Splinter is good.

Also realized The Offspring forgot to release a music video to promote their album BEFORE the album came out in stores. That’s what usually happens, but the guys forgot to do it this time around.

well i have had the cd for a couple of weeks now adn i really like it. They have moved away from the childish stuff( dont get me wrong i love them) but you can tell they grew up alot blink182 is and will be my favorite band hopefully they will tour again cause i went to the concert when they where touring with green day and jimmy eat world and that was unbelieavable