Blinkin LED programming

How would someone program the REV Blinkin to correspond with which particle we are holding whilst utilizing color sensing? We are trying to set it up so that the box that is holding our minerals is outfitted with color sensors so we would know which type is inside of said box. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

What language are you using?

Per the product description “Selecting a display pattern is as simple as controlling a motor or servo”

I.e., You should be able to wire it to a PWM port and open it as a standard motor.

If you look at the specs for some of the motor controllers we have (for example, you’ll notice that it’s a pulse period signal as opposed to a percent duty cycle (more commonly referred to as PPM in the RC world). This means that you should be able to hook the Blinkin LED Driver to the RoboRIO and in code treat it like a Spark or Jaguar (or other PWM motor controller). (note, I have taken advantage of this fact and hooked up standard RC remotes to Sparks for personal projects).

Note, the PWM ports on the RoboRIO output at, you’ll notice that they output at ~5V, which it looks like the Blinkin can take fine.

Alternatively, you could build your own RGB driver or use an Arduino, but this should be a simpler option then custom.

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Thank you for this information, I will try and implement it into our FRC bot. I’m sorry for the confusion, but I was trying to learn this for my teams FTC robot and plug it into the REV Expansion Hub. I am aware it should be easy considering it’s the same vendor, but I am just having trouble actually getting the lights to work correlating to the color sensors installed. Have any examples you’d be willing to share that could help?

Ah, the Rev uses 5V servo ports, so plug it into one of those and treat it as a servo (only reason I suggested the other ports on the roboRIO is that it uses 6V for servos).

I would suggest you add data prints to your screen (if you haven’t already) that tell you what the sensor is reading and what it thinks it’s telling the Blinkin to do.

I’ll point my main FTC programmer at this thread, but that’s about as much as I or he will be able to help without seeing code.

Okay, thanks for your help! I think I am beginning to understand. Just gonna do so more research! THANKS!