Blizzard 3 (#188) Unveiled

Finally, a picture gallery of Woburn Robotics’ 2002 Robot, Blizzard 3, is up on our website. Please Visit to see it.

Robot Stats:
129 pounds.
4-wheel, 2-horsepower (theoretical), 6-motor drive. (HexaDrive)
Grabs and manipulates 2 Goals
6.5 fps max
Can push 1 goal + 385 pounds of dead weight (11 boxes of paper sitting on the ground in front of the goal).

Nice job, can’t wait to see how it does in action.

Check out our website ROBBE Xtreme for new pictures and videos…


Congrats Woburn. Your robot this year is wicked. Especially during the practice competition. I believe you were the only team that didn’t have any major problems… lol

Oh, and I also love taking pictures of the goal with the reflective tape… looks really cool… :slight_smile:

That was a great practice on Sunday. Congrats on your robot too. It also didn’t have many problems. Good Luck at the regionals, and at the finals.

But, the robots are now gone… :frowning: … YAY!!! sleep… o(^.^)o

Haha… actually we had some major problems. One of our axels was warped and was about to snap. One of our wheels were warping cuz we didn’t bolt it down right. At one point, our compressor didn’t work…

anyways, we had some problems… but it’s over now until April…

/me waves bye to the robot

A few of us are suffering Robotics widthdrawl… lol