block thrown ball

you come around corner. other team is in the act of hurdling. do you race in front of him and risk your arm,forklift or whatever your using to block the throw? just another defence maybe.

Without going over 6 feet?

You’d have to stay under 6 feet as they said, avoid impeding traffic, and there is the question why risk losing a scoring ability by tossing you manipulator in front of a 10lb flying object.

you would have to be on other side of their home rack

And as of Update #1, it could be either side of the overpass.

That’s no longer an issue.

After yesterday’s team update, looks like its now legal to do that. I can see teams doing it to- It reminds me of 2 years back in ‘Aim High,’ where robots would get in the way of other bots trying to score in the higher goal. Seems to me like the same stradegy.

We’ve done the numbers, and it appears very difficult to “throw” the ball over the hurdle, nevermind controlling it on the other side.

Any throwing system will have to be very close the ground to prevent the bot from tipping. In additional, a simple potential energy to kinetic energy computation tells you that you have to hit one of these balls VERY hard to get them to move. 220 lbs of force applied over a 6 inch distance with a 2" bore 6 inch stroke pneumatic cylinder will get you pretty close, I believe.

I can’t wait to see someone try this - it would certainly be exciting and any team that takes the chance on that kind of system would get kudos from me!

Even a spring/winch system will put some pretty awesome loads on your chassis.

I’m thinking a pendulum with a 20 lb sledge on the end…Winch it up and then power it down with gravity assisting. Maybe put a football kickers cleat on the end.


This assumes, however, that you can get the volume of air to fill the cylinder quickly enough. A 2" cylinder takes a decent amount of time to fill up, given that all the air has to flow through tubing at 60psi. Just because you can achieve 220 lbs of force from a cylinder doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to deliver enough energy to lift the ball in the air.

why not bump them so they have to get out of the way

One problem…aside from robot damage, if the trackball does make it over, you just gave them 8 points because it hit you.

Doesn’t work if they aren’t impeding you. The ref probably won’t call it if there is a passing lane or any other means of going around.

Read <G40> … they don’t always have to get out of the way … only if they are IMPEDING traffic. They don’t have to move if there is a way around them (clear passing lane around them), or if they are HURDLING.

Read <G42> and <G43> also … they discuss that “aggressive” bumping a HURDLER will be penalized …

Someone’s probably said this but (ahem) “You cannot have your arm higher than 6 ft. in the opponent’s homestretch”.

Go read Update #1, and I mean now! <G36> has been removed.

Okay thanks Erich

ok I can’t really say but I say not to do that. You don’t want to afford breaking a part of your robot. That and you don’t want to risk a penalty for unfair gameplay or another reason.

What keeps a robot, with an arm, from turning around, after it crosses the opponents finish line, and knocking a hurdled shot back at the hurdling robot :ahh:

As long as you can hit the ball before it crosses the plane of the line, you are ok. Otherwise, it still counts as a hurdle if it touches your robot.

You can be above 6 feet now.