Blocking Cargo from Rolling out of Cargo Ship

Does G4 (One GAME PIECE at a time) disallow a robot from sitting in front of one side of their cargo ship before sandstorm ends, preventing 3 cargo from rolling out?

I expect by the time we see drivers getting really good, really good teams will be able to drop off their preloaded hatch to one of the front bays in under 5 seconds, then get the next hatch from the player station and drive in front of one of the side bays in under 10 seconds. Even if they dont have time to place the hatch, they’ll be able to drive in front of the bay to prevent the ball they plan on sealing from rolling out.

The extension on this is that they will consequently be blocking the other 2 cargo on the side of the cargo ship from rolling out.
The extension of THIS is that a coordinated alliance can sit there and prevent 2 cargo from falling out while their alliance partner grabs the next hatch and takes their place, placing the second seal. Meanwhile, the team that waited can grab the third cargo that is rolling out and score it on a bay being sealed by the third team.

I’m pretty sure that keeping multiple cargo from rolling out would constitute “extended influence” over those pieces. So this would be a G4 violation.

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That’s not great…

If that’s the case, then teams will have to be very careful they back away from the cargo ship at T = 15s.
Even if they are placing a hatch and only obstructing the bay they are attempting to score, they would still be transitively “controlling” that cargo. So if a team is just a few seconds short of securing the hatch, they have to give up as soon as the buzzer goes off given this ruling.

I hope something about this is clarified in a team update because I see it as potentially being a common unintentional foul.