Blocking opponent's loading zone

Can you block an opponents loading zone by putting a tetra in it?

I don’t see why not… they’ll just push it right out of the way though

You have to decide if it is more worth to you to put the tetra there or not. For example, some robots may not be able to simply push it aside, they’d have to lift it. This would take some valuable time which could have been spent loading. However, how much is it worth for your robot to put it there? If you are a “box on wheels” robot with pushing capability, cornering the tetras into their loading zone could be to your benefit, but if you have to spend time lifting them and placing them, there are more efficient forms of defense.

Your strategy team and you can decide that :slight_smile: Just remember, your actions can save or waste your own time as well as other team’s times.

Frankly, I think it would be a waste of time. There’s much better things you could be using your time during the match for. Like stacking. :wink:

If all of your rows are capped and there’s little time left, you SHOULD block their zones!

If you are blocking their loading zone you have to be very careful since if they attempt to grab a tetra then you are not allowed to interfere with them. Its a very fine line and it will probably depend on the refs interpretation.

What you could also do is just block them from reaching the tetra. Ex. say your alliance will win if the opponents robots don’t go home. Just try blocking with tetras/robots. And if there is enough time left, have your alliance return to your zone. :]