Blocking Opponents Rocket Ship (making them foul everytime they go to the rocket)

I was thinking of strategies when I thought about defense, and how to block opponents from going to the rocket ship. What if you place a hatch panel on the floor on the opponent’s side right in front of the rocket ship, if the opponent goes on it they will technically not let anyone else get the hatch panel which means they are in possession of the game piece they are holding as well as the hatch panel on the floor. This makes them not able to access the rocket or get a penalty (ex. G4). Although I know this violates rule C8 I was wondering if you guys had any ideas about defensive strategies.

The logical extension of this strategy is to place all your hatch panels on the floor of the opponents side optimally spaced


Strategies aimed to force other people to break rules are against the rules.


You just broke the game Adam.:roll_eyes:

I don’t think you have to worry about C8. G8, on the other hand… C8 is, after all, only a foul, unless egregious or repeated during the match. So… 1 foul, possibility of a yellow card. G8 is a foul per piece, and a card possibility if repeated during the event at any point. And this does seem an awful lot like it’d match example b in the blue box.

But… All you really need to defeat this is… a floor pickup for hatch covers, and no game pieces onboard.

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My team would love it if you would place all of your extra hatch panels in front of the rocket. That will save us some cycle time.


The rule this year is:

ROBOTS may not have extended or repeated control, i.e. exercise extended or repeated influence, of more than one (1) GAME PIECE at a time, either directly or transitively through other objects.

Being on top of a game piece because that’s where you need to drive to achieve a valid game objective (scoring) would not constitute control of the item.

On the other hand, in addition to the G19 mentioned by @zucker42, you would also be guilty of breaking:

G8. GAME PIECES: use as directed. ROBOTS may not deliberately use GAME PIECES in an attempt to ease or amplify the challenge associated with FIELD elements.

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I was actually talking about C8

Strategies clearly aimed at forcing the opposing
ALLIANCE to violate a rule are not in the spirit of FIRST Robotics Competition and not allowed.
Rule violations forced in this manner will not result in an assignment of a penalty to the targeted

I think C08 really doesn’t affect this ‘strategy’, as the opponents have a very easy way to avoid the penalty: don’t play defence. I suspect that referees are instructed to be very conservative when applying C08. But really, if you’re spending time scattering hatch panels on the ground, unless your robot is broken in some strange way, you could be getting points by toughing through the defence. As mentioned above, incidentally driving over game pieces, especially when holding none, is very unlikely to draw a multiple game piece control foul.

You misunderstood the strategy: it’s to drop pieces on the opponent’s side of the field while you are playing defense.

Furthermore he says in his original post that the purpose is to force other people to break the rules (or not score). That’s against the rules.

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