i was thinking of blocking the other teams purple ball corral (lol that sounds so fruity) hence no balls for the hummies. comments?

You’d need to get over there in 15 seconds or less without controlling your robot, using only autonomous.

Still, it doesn’t really SOUND legal.

blocking would be a great idea… but its better to make sure it doesnt say anything against blocking in the rule… keep in mind that you would want to give your human players the balls from your side… but the idea is perfect for elimination round…

Im not sure about blocking the ball chute, but blocking shots isnt allowed once they’ve begun to travle downwards, so that might also apply to the corral.

i knew i had a winner :smiley:

auto mode for this is easy…while the rest are messing with the toilet flanges (and will undoubtible get urs for u…) u just sneak over and ownz0r there corral

however, ur ally gives u balls

only minor problem…2 corrals per team, but still if nothing else u can steal some of there balls

i have another good idea but its a secret :smiley: :X

Rule G20, and I haven’t seen anything about blocking the ball chute.

this really isn’t a good idea if you want to get anywhere in qualifying rounds…if they get no points you get it in the shorts.

Ok…here’s the deal:
Rule G20 states that there’s no goaltending and de-scoring balls.
Goaltending is defined as interfering with the downward motion of the ball
As soon as balls leave the corral, they are traveling downwards.
Conclusion: This is against the rules.
Correct me if I’m wrong

I remember last year there was talk about whether a robot that released a second bot was legal. I believe that is was concluded that at long as the second robot was connected to the first and that only one control system was being used it was legal.
So, if we were allowed to block the entrance to the corral someone could theoretically build a bot the drove in front of one corral and release a second bot to block the other corral making it impossible for the other team to score more than 100 points. This would be too broken leading me to think that FIRST will, in an update, ban the blocking of corrals. Anyone else have thoughts?

I believe that people are talking about blocking balls on their way into the corral from the floor of the arena, not as the human players throw them out. As for detaching your robot. I belive under the current rules that you could as long as both parts stay tethered and there is no danger of entanglement. Not sure about that, relying on shaky memory of past games. As for the legality of blocking the corral’s. I would agree that it doesn’t sound legal/in the spirit of gracious professionalism, but I don’t see anything in the rules saying you can or cannot do it.

If i remember correctly for kickoff this morning (correct me if im wrong) that the scoring was as follows:

No matter who wins or by how many points all the teams from that round get the loosing alliences score. so lets say u beat the opposing allience by a score of 120 to 20. arent u only getting 20 qualifying points?

I think this is only for the seeding rounds, but still if u block the opposing teams corrals arent u only hurting urself in the end in terms or qualifying points?

Like i said i could be wrong or misunderstood wut was said, i havent reviewed the whole manuel yet, so feel free to correct me

If you win in the qualifying you get 2 Qualifying Point. All 4 teams get the number of Ranking Points equal to the losing alliances score. Teams are seeded first by Qualifying Points and if there is a tie, Ranking Points are used to break the tie. Thus, in my opinion, winning 100 - 0 is not that big of a deal, from a purely stategic point of view.

…With a will there is a way… You probabaly could (or atleast i probably could) design a mechanism that blocks both chutes… But strategically it isn;t exatly the most efficient path to follow. I also have a feeeling that they are gpoing to put it in an update because it voids the game… it also isn’t, well, nice. cause it isn;t beneficial to either team and you could make alot of enemys doing that… anybody else wanna comment?

If you get a 80-10 win the 10 points are attributed to all 4 teams, but they serve more as tie breaker point. Your W-L-T is whats important. Also if you constantly shut out opponents you wont have lots of those points but you’ll have a good W-L and even if you dont your chances of getting picked as an alliance partner are high.

i’m going to have to go with, yes, this is probably legal, but all in all not the best idea.

i see how some think this is “mean” or “un-Firstlike” but what about last year. teams were pinned and blocked all over the place and First didnt ever really adress it to my knowledge…again this was just my idea, not like our team is gonna pull a wildstang on the corrals :smiley:

i agree with the people about the wins and losses. i think that if u win all ur matchs, it wont matter much. but i guess this idea is scratched.

PS i wonder if we could throw the balls AT the bots, thus destroying the precious lego tracking systems and then win it all :wink:

LoL, that would REALLY suck and I don’t think that is legal because its intentional damage to the bot, so don’t go trying that! LoL =P

and you don’t think THAT is against gracious professionalism??? :wink:

the way I understand it, teams will be ranked by how many matches they won

and within THOSE ranks, they will be ranked by the game scores they have accumulated.

so if 10 teams win all their matches, those 10 will be ranked by the scores they accumulated - the team that always won by 100 to 0 would be at the bottom of that set

then the teams that only lost one match will be under those, ranked again by their accumulated scores

then the teams that lost 2 matches…

and by accumulated scores, I mean the score the loosing team got in each match

so if you took the trash and burn approach, and always won your matches, but accumulated few scoreing points, it could easily backfire on you - if you lost your last match due to a problem with your bot, or your alliance bot, whatever - you could easily find yourself at the bottom of the second tier - teams who lost one match, and you would be at the bottom - maybe 20th place overall - inthis game there is more than one way that you can hang yourself :^)

I suspect there will be some blocking of the corrals, either from bots just being on the other side of the field, or from porta-goals dragged over there, or 2x balls ending up in the corner - so I dont think they will decide you cant ‘intentionally’ block the other teams corral, because intention is subjective

you might pull the other teams portagoal next to their corral so they CAN score more points (cause they are not doing well) and then you would be called for blocking?! I dont think so.

ooo never thought of that. thats clever :smiley: