Blog! New CTR Electronics Website and Falcons Back in Stock

CTR Electronics is pleased to announce the launch of the new version of our website!
We’ll be running both the old and new version of the site for a period of time - please send us any feedback you have.

See more details in the blog below:

Also, Falcon 500s are back in stock on both sites!


The new website is way better.

* Purpose-driven navigation (purchaser vs software-developer vs researching new products).
* Improved readability and aesthetics.

I appreciate these two in particular. The software/firmware downloads and RTD documentation are way easier to find than before. Nice work.


Darn, I kinda liked the dark-mode aesthetics of the old CTRE site


For a proper Michigan map, you should’ve had someone pointing at their right hand. :stuck_out_tongue:

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:thinking: Actually, I find that one easier to recreate by pointing my right index finger at the back of my left hand. :raised_hand::point_left: :sunglasses:

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