Blood, sweat, & tears.

Has any teams had safety accidents or hard times…? Of course ya have. Tell some stories about your own team funny and serious.

we had a small explosion on our mill with some contact cleaner and compressed air. everyone was okay though. it was actually pretty funny.

We just recently had a mentor hurt his finger. He was paying attention and he drilled right through it.

Every single part I make seems to have my blood and sweat on it. Especially today… Perf plate is sharp…

Well this year our band saw blade snaped while moving at a high rate of speed. I was cutting and it made a very loud noise and suddenly…I wasn’t cutting anymore:ahh:

Our claw and arm was being worked on and someone pulled our pulley and it slipped off and fell 3ft onto one of our members head! He was fine and acted normal the whole time…but I ended up taking him to the emergency room to get 5 staples in his head. Accidents are scary.:eek:

Yeah i was putting a handle on our controllers today and i didnt know it was on >.< And the next thing i know everyones yelling at me and i dont know why. I looked over the platforms were almost on top of one of our mentors

haha, well lets see… we didn’t have any SERIOUS accidents but there were some.

  • One of the parents drilled right through his thumb because the way he was holding the piece.

  • There are scratches on most of our hands (up until elbow) from the robot.

  • Few days ago, I sliced my left ring finger in half (never listen to the programmers when they tell you how to machine a part, no offense programmers). I should probably get it stitched but I think the alcohol pad and duct tape held up well.

  • One of the kids cut his pinky because he “forget” to use a vice while he was using the drill press.

I like the thread title. Each one of us put a lot of hours into this build season. We bleed, we sweat for 6 weeks to create a machine. Once, the 6 week is gone, we want to cry. But, do you know how good it feels to know that you worked as a team?

I’m definitely thinking this is a great season for Safety Captains and team members to be vigilant with safety precautions and staying focused and aware of what’s going on with and around the robot(s).

I think everything is worth is somewhat…as a team you learn so much and create such an amazing machine…not all students or mentors in general could go through what we go through. Just an hour ago a metal shaving flew into my eye and i had to get a eye wash and tweeze it out…but then shortly after Im here typing about it and finishing up the robot. So the achivement is so great with these teams that the blood,sweat, and tears pay back in the end.:slight_smile:

We haven’t had any serious injuries or anything. During the building of the rack some weeks ago, I kept bumping my head on that middle center disk (I’m about 5’1" so it hit me right square in the forehead), and we’ve had a few incidents with metal shavings not being cleaned up and people getting little splinters in their fingers. I have like little scrapes but I have no idea where they came from. Oh, and then there’s the problem with our exploding Victors…

lol that’s why safety glasses were invented, nut ya I had to learn that the hard way 2 years ago during my sophomore year. Note to all other teams expanded aluminum when cut is very sharp I cant count the number of cuts on my hands from this why did I decide this is what my team needed on our ramp. Freaken captain everything ends up my fault lol

I had safety glasses on believe it or not…and I was not close to the drill bits at all. It was just a random piece dying to get into my eye haha. Oh the joys that come with Robotics.

My fingers hurt talking about how you guys just drill your fingers.

Not a robotics injury but yesterday my friend was next to the room we were working in and just passed out cold. I was at Lowes and came back to a huge scene. Luckily the robotics team isn’t as dumb as the freshman class (the people just standing around) and got 911 called and made sure she was taken care off. She was diagnosed with some heart issue and is now on medication.

We have had a few small cuts, nothing to bad.

Well you know lets hope shes ok.

My friend and I were given the task of making a casing for our battery, to hold it on the robot. So we decided to make it out of very thin metal.(since it weighed next to nothing:) ) Only problem was that when we were driving the robot around, testing the drive shafts, the positive and negitive ends of the batteries both touched the metal at the same time!

:ahh: Causing thick heavy sparks to fly 15 feet in the air!!:ahh:

We got the battery out of the way before the battery fried, and scrapped the metal holder for a plastic one. The irony of this story is that me and my friend are both on the programming/Electrical team!:smiley: This happened in the first week out of six, and not a day has past where we were not reminded about it.

Man Oh Man…this is the best thread. Im glad I made it. Clearly all of us have some kind of accident. Tough kids we are haha.:wink:

Nothing is better than the time we wrapped our battery with copper wire at UC Davis and during a safety inspection pulled our battery out and needless to say the battery touched and arched and then continued to melt through the outer casing of our battery… we don’t use this battery anymore… and I still was named captain this year even after my many misshapes over the last two years.

at comp last year, our mentor clipped his finger with the battery and was bleeding while we were on the field and we didnt have a bandaid but we had eletrical tape, and to make a long story short, eletrical tape is now called a first band-aid at our meetings

We decided that if someone dies, we would name the robot after ME!
(In all seriousness, an electrical cord snapped on me (someone was standing on it) and it snapped back and hit me in the nose slightly: Im alive…but I really wanted the robot to be named Jake)