Blown Away!

Posted by Justin Ridley.

Engineer on team #221, MI Roboworks, from Michigan Technological University.

Posted on 3/12/2000 10:11 PM MST

I had to post a message on my response to one of the robots at the Great Lakes Regional this year.
I gotta say I was completley and utterly blown away by Cheif Delphi’s latest creation. Obviously we all knew they would build an awsome machine, they do every year. But I almost crawled out of the stands and died when in the first match of the finals they sucked those balls out of the blue goal, then slid over and pumped them in thier own. At first I think people thought ‘jeez, they can’t grab on the bar, what were they thinking’. Of course there isn’t the greatest need to grab on the bar when your constantly flying all over the field filling the goal, 6 balls at a time. Then in one match their balls got jammed in their basket, and the crowd was thinking ‘Wow, finally a flaw in thier machine, maybe the other team can take this one’. And then BAM up pops the clam shell and the balls just fall into the trough. There were some other really great robots of course, some of which were able to provide CD5 with some decent competition, but I gotta say this robot just kicked some butt. Good job guys, you’ve done an amazing job. See everyone in Chicago. . . . where I’m sure we’ll all be praying to be allied with a certain team.

Posted by Joe Johnson.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Engineer on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

Posted on 3/13/2000 8:31 AM MST

In Reply to: Blown Away! posted by Justin Ridley on 3/12/2000 10:11 PM MST:

Thank you for your kind words.


We had some excelent partners in teams 201 and 349. They were both key members of the winning team.

Beyond good partners, we had our fair share of good luck. A bad bounce here or there could have easily sent us packing early.


While we are certainly hoping for our great run to continue, we are far from blind to our need for great partners and good luck.

Good luck and great partners to everyone.

Joe J.

Posted by Bill Beatty.

Other on team #71, Team Hammond, from Team Hammond.

Posted on 3/14/2000 2:34 PM MST

In Reply to: Ah Shucks! posted by Joe Johnson on 3/13/2000 8:31 AM MST:

Congratulations to #201, Visteon and Rochester HS,#47, ChiefDelphi - Pontiac Central HS, and # 349, the RoBahamas with Ford and International Academy. They were three good teams that worked very well together. Watching CD5 move when laid over really demonstrated SWERVE to it’s utmost. Delphi and Pontiac Central better be dusting off more shelf space.

The mystery is, with CD5 being what it is, why would JJ be loosing sleep? Perhaps an overdose of Dew?

Posted by Joe Johnson.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Engineer on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

Posted on 3/14/2000 6:58 PM MST

In Reply to: Mystery posted by Bill Beatty on 3/14/2000 2:34 PM MST:

Much to worry about even still…

As to your kind words, high praise indeed from one of the Masters. Thanks, it means a lot.

As to taking you too seriously, well, I know you well enough not to be lulled into TOO deep of sleep these days.

Team Hammond still has the power to disturb my slumber.

Looking forward to seeing you as well as many of the fine machines from the Great Lakes Regional in Chicago.

WildStang, TechnoKats, Juggernauts, Robohamas, Team E.L.I.T.E, Huskie Brigade, Delphi Knights, Heros of Tomorrow (HOT), Truck Town Terror, and many many others PLUS Team Hammond and the Bomb Squad thrown in for good measure.

I think I will go toss and turn in my bed…

Joe J.

Posted by Raul.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Engineer on team #111, Wildstang, from Rolling Meadows & Wheeling HS and Motorola.

Posted on 3/16/2000 4:19 PM MST

In Reply to: Setting 'em up before knocking 'em down… posted by Joe Johnson on 3/14/2000 6:58 PM MST:

OK Joe, you go right ahead and keep losing sleep :). Maybe you and your team will lose enough sleep that you will make a mistake driving your robot. Maybe that is the only way you can be beat.

I’m the one who is losing sleep working on a strategy that may have a chance against you. Remember 1998? If you win all the regionals they will come after you. :wink:


Posted by Myder Ly.

Student on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Oakland University and Pontiac Central/Delphi I.

Posted on 3/16/2000 8:32 PM MST

In Reply to: Re: Setting 'em up before knocking 'em down… posted by Raul on 3/16/2000 4:19 PM MST:

I remember 1998, the pressure, the intense moments. I don’t think i can ever forget about that match. It was the last of my Chief Delphi driving career. Winning comes with much more than you hope for. I think there is less chance of that happening again since the alliance factor is part of the game. I remember the HOT team coming to cheer up the team. ‘Thank you HOT!’ I don’t think two teams would want to team up and plan on not scoring whatsoever. But then again history might be challenged.
I was at the GLR and there was many impressive machines. I cannot wait to see Beatty and Bomb Squad robots. Good Luck to you both and all the teams. I would love to come to Chicago and see the competition… time will tell.

FIRST fanatic,