BLOWN COMPONENT! In need of 2004 Robot controller to borrow for 2 days

Hi all,

Team 75 has an urgent petition to the NJ teams. We have blown robot controller and will have to order spare equipment. The earliest this will come in is Tuesday morning.

If anyone has a spare 2004 robot controller that we could use for Sunday and Monday and is in the tri-state area close to NJ- we would like to borrow it for 2 days.

I am willing to drive to pick it up, just would like to know where I can get one in hand for the next 2 days until replacements come in the overnight mail. Your ideas / advice on courses of action will be greatly appreciated and I will check this thread until Tuesday.

Thanks and Regards,
–Michael Luedtke

Hi all,

We reprogrammed the robot in p-basic. It took a bit, but we are allright until Tuesday.


I’m glad things worked out for you!! That would not be a good thing. Not being able to drive the robot to do some last minute tweaking.

See you at the NJ Regional?

How did you blow your RC? Anyways, I hope you guys can get the RC in time and program C language into it… Good luck!

We must have had a random arc or fell prey to static electricity. The unit eprom does not retain the program. Everytime you boot, it never keeps the program in memory. We went through everything, and it was the robot controller itself. Thanks for your posts, and I’ll see you at the NJ regionals Elgin.

It was quite a bit of work getting it to run in pbasic though. I was hoping someone had an extra we could have used in the interim.


hold up… you may not have a blown controller… the same thign happened to us. What LED’s are on when you boot up? Is it falling back into the program state every time you restart?

yellow on program, and green on power. Only the two are lit.


u guys are in luck… all u need to do is read team update #9… but to save u the agony of looking i will tell u what to do.

  1. Hold both the program and reset buttons.
    2)Then, let go of reset
    3)Wait until the power led is solid green.
    4)let go of program
  2. download the program
    6)hit reset

You should now be set to go!

It does keep falling into the program state.