Blue Alliance API/myTBA not working?

I’m trying to re-pull a district team list from TBA and the API server is giving me a 503 error (either Service Unavailable or Over Quota, can’t tell which this is meant to represent and API documentation does not list anything). I can still pull matches and match results okay, but trying to pull a team list for an event or a district is not working.

Additionally, it appears myTBA is also returning the same response. Neither I nor others on the team are able to log in on myTBA.

Is anyone else currently having issues, or is this just me?

The site is down. We set our daily spending budget too low, and the console to increase it is erroring out. :cry:

It will be back up at midnight pacific time.


How am I supposed to get my daily dose of 604 climbs without having the matches right there on TBA?

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I got you covered.

Thank you @Eugene_Fang ! It’s working again this morning :heart:

Here’s another one. Oh wait…


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