Blue Alliance- Nothing for Hawaii Regional?

There appears to be no data - matches, etc. - ob TBAfor the Hawaii regional. Anyone know why? Other week 4 regionals have been populated beyond just the team list.

TBA just scrapes the official FIRST API for that data. Until the match schedule has been run and posted by the FTA at the event, there’s nothing for TBA to post. Given that Hawaii is hours behind all the continental week 4 events, and it’s still practice day, it’s not surprising that the FTA hasn’t generated a match schedule yet.

Keep an eye on the official FRC-events page for the regional, it will have the data before TBA. HIHO FRC Event Web : Event Information

Bumping this to see if anyone knows where its going to be streaming I couldnt find any info on the FIRST Hawaii website or TBA

I was just jumping the gun, it’s out now. Don’t know about streaming.

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